PR strategy & promotion – Kliker festival


We were a part of the organization team of four editions of the Kliker Festival of Dance, Movement and Play, organized by the VRUM Performing Arts Collective, which is held once a year on Varaždin’s theater stages and streets.


What we did:

  • Creation of a PR strategy & festival promotion plan.
  • Recruiting of media sponsors of the festival & coordination.
  • Drafting and sending letters, briefs and other communication with the organizers, partners and collaborators of the festival.
  • Coordination with the sponsors of the festival, drafting & sending invitations to the opening of the festival.
  • Organization and management of the press center.
  • Creating a media plan, writing announcements and press releases, communicating & coordinating with the media.
  • Creating a plan for posting on social networks, creating & publishing content for posting on social networks.
  • Updating content on the festival website.
  • Creation of content and newsletter campaigns.
  • Promotional activities and maintenance of social networks for the Klik Klub project.